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We exist to help women support other women.

Our mission is to give females a platform to express how they’ve exhibited resiliency, identity, strength, and empowerment in their own lives, and to let them be the person they wish they could’ve had or the person they know they need now.

Riley Wallace


RISE was created to give a teenage girl physical examples of successful women to overcome struggles that she might be facing, and to give her concrete tools to use to overcome her challenges. 

Caitlyn O'Leary


At RISE, we believe iron sharpens iron. That's why we built a membership program to address different needs in many different areas. From mental health to financial health, we aim to inspire, empower, and strengthen the whole person.


RISE Mental Fitness

RISE Membership gets you access to tools/videos/live conversations that will help you focus on and improve your mental fitness.  Mental Fitness is important for ALL areas of life.  Everyone can benefit from working on Mental Fitness. 



When you sign up for a RISE Membership you get access to the world class nutrition coaches from Maximized Nutrition.  Together the coaches at Maximized Nutrition have helped hundreds of clients achieve their body, performance and health goals.   Whether you are an elite athlete or someone who is just working to improve your health their combined knowledge and expertise covers all your nutrition questions!  Join them for live discussions on nutrition topics and live Q&A

Food Photography
Business Meeting

RISE Professional Development

With a RISE membership you can learn from our RISE Professionals.  Learn strategies to improve or reach your professional dreams.  Do you want to be a better boss?  Have a better team?  Be valued more in your current position. Do you want to change careers and professions altogether?   RISE professional development can give you starting points and tools to help in your endeavors.


Financial Health

When you sign up for a RISE Membership you will be able to listen to industry experts who will help you understand how to improve your financial health and answer questions you have! Having a feeling of financial security goes a long way in feeling good about yourself and your goals. Other areas of life become easier to manage when you have good financial health.



bergrosbjornsdottir Snapinsta.app_364257358_963126314910271_5851390088074404387_n_1080.jpg


and receive full access to all of the support channels RISE has to offer:

Professional Development
Mental Fitness
Financial Health

And More Coming Soon:
Military Spouse Support
New Mom Health and Fitness
Menopause Health and Support
Cancer Survivor Support
Female Sexual Health

RISE Membership



Every month

Valid until canceled

Bergros Bjornsdottir

The photos on this website feature photos of real RISE Athletes. Click on their Instagram handles to learn more about them and show your support.

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